Daniel Craig returns as James Bond 007 in SKYFALL, the 23rd installment of the Bond series on screen. 

Another trailer has appeared for Skyfall, the next James Bond movie, which is probably one of the best avaited movie of this year.

The trailer seems very exciting, James Bond (Daniel Craig)  "dies" in the beginning of the movie, but of course he  ressurects to revenge his enemies.
The new trailer for Skyfall shows James Bond on top of a train when a sniper picks him off. Bond plummets to the bottom of a lake. It this trailer also appears Javier Bardem as Silva, with a very blonde hair. 

Watch the trailer:

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 The Dark Knight Rises leading man Christian Bale has visited survivors of the Aurora movie theatre massacre, and thanked hospital staff and police officers who responded to the attack that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Bale visited with little advance warning and also stopped by a makeshift memorial to victims near the cinema that was showing The Dark Knight Rises when the gunfire erupted.

Carey Rottman, one of those injured in Friday's shooting, posted two photos of himself with Bale on his Facebook page.

Janie Bowman-Hayes, assistant vice president of surgical services at sister hospital Swedish Medical Centre, said she and co-workers were attending a luncheon at The Medical Centre of Aurora to thank staff who tended to victims. "When we got there, then we found out he was there," she said.

Bale, humble and dressed casually in a black T-shirt and jeans, thanked the staff, shook hands and agreed to have his photo taken with employees, Ms Bowman-Hayes said.

"He just said he wanted to come to thank all of us because he has been thinking about this. He knows the whole world has been thinking about this," she said. "He took it upon himself to come and thank us."

An online campaign had urged Bale to visit survivors of the shooting.

Bale, joined by his wife Sibi Blazic, also stopped by a growing memorial near the cinema and walked among the 12 crosses erected for each of the slain victims. Many people there did not appear to realise who he was or chose to leave him alone.

A Warner Bros spokeswoman told The Denver Post that Bale was representing himself, not the film studio.

Bale, who stars as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, previously issued a written statement saying: "Words cannot express the horror that I feel.

"I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them."

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One of the most anticipated movies of the year is The Dark Knight Rises with Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman, directed by Christopher Nolan.
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An almost 15 minutes long video has appeared about the new Batman-movie, The Dark Knight Rises.
Christopher Nolan's next movie will be presented in cinemas in 20 of July, and according to an interview, it will be Nolan's last Batman movie.

In this video the director speaks about the new movie's details and about the brilliant characters. The Oscar winner Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt are also talking with enthusiasm about the last part of the trilogy.

This video will be very interesting for those fans who can't wait for watching the Dark Knight Rises.

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Watch the first trailer of Oz The Great And Powerful.

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Sage Stallone, the 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone died. Sources suggest the cause was a drug overdose.  His body was found on July 13 in his Los Angeles apartment.

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(photo: fx.com)
Charlie Sheen returns in a new sitcom, a year after leaving Two and a Half Men.

Anger Management is debuting tonight on FX, and according what Sheen told The New York Times, this is his acting swan song. I hope, it is not.

Charlie Sheen plays Charlie Goodson, a former ballplayer with anger management issues. He is a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management. He has a successful private practice, holding sessions with his group of primary patient regulars each week, as well as performing for an inmate group at a state prison.

An interesting trailer has appeared (it is not so easy to decide if it is about Two and a Half men or about Anger Management)

“Anger Management” stars Charlie Sheen, Shawnee Smith, Noureen Dewulf, Derek Richardson, Barry Corbin, Brett Butler, Selma Blair, Daniela Bobadilla, and Michael Boatman.

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Donner Pass has a well-known and gruesome history – the place where George Donner
and his party of settlers got stuck in the winter of 1846 and had to resort to cannibalism to
Some say the Donner Party left its mark on those mountains. They say a curse remains to
this day – a hunger that can make anyone capable of unspeakable evil.
For seven teens that head up for a ski weekend, it’s just a scary story to tell around the
campfire. But when one of the group turns up not only dead, but half-eaten, they’re
forced to confront the possibility that the legend may be true.
Nothing – and no one – is what it seems in this tightly woven dark thriller. And history
doesn’t always stay in the past.

The movie was directed by Elise Robertson and written by R. Scott Adams.
Stars: Desiree Hall, Erik Stocklin and Colley Bailey

Watch the trailer of Donner Pass (2012):

You can find and download free subtitles for Donner Pass (2012) in:
- english
- spanish
- dutch
- italian
- arabic
- indonesian
- croatian

Preview from the english subtitle of Donner Pass (2012):

00:01:04,814 --> 00:01:06,577
Should have stayed in Missouri.

00:01:06,683 --> 00:01:10,483
You shut up with that.
You wanted to come.

00:01:13,256 --> 00:01:15,554
I say we do it now.

00:01:15,658 --> 00:01:16,750
I don't like it, neither.

00:01:16,860 --> 00:01:20,227
But we about run out.

00:01:20,330 --> 00:01:23,424
She didn't want her boy to starve.

00:01:23,533 --> 00:01:25,194
It ain't your place.

00:01:25,301 --> 00:01:28,600
It's already decided.
We can always go back.

00:01:31,674 --> 00:01:33,198

00:01:36,546 --> 00:01:40,073
Then I'm doing
what I goddamn got to do.

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A cop turns vigilante after his family is murdered, exacting vengeance on the killers - and then on all criminals who have slipped through the system.

Director: Terry Miles
Writer: John Sullivan
Stars: Danny Trejo, Serinda Swan and Steve Austin

Watch the trailer of Recoil (2011):

Download free subtitles for Recoil (2011) in:
- english
- spanish
- dutch
- indonesian
- italian
- arabic

Preview from the english subtitle of Recoil (2011):

00:02:37,324 --> 00:02:39,160
You just missed him, Dale.

00:02:39,285 --> 00:02:42,538
Looks like your sight's
a little off.

00:02:42,663 --> 00:02:45,416
Oh, come on, man,
let's just head back.

00:02:45,541 --> 00:02:49,545
I ain't leaving till I kill...

00:02:49,670 --> 00:02:51,130
Dude, it's...
it's just a rabbit.

00:02:58,262 --> 00:02:59,638
Fuck this.

00:03:38,761 --> 00:03:40,596
- Oh...

00:03:43,849 --> 00:03:44,975
Get off me!

00:03:46,101 --> 00:03:47,144
Just tell me
what you want!

00:03:47,269 --> 00:03:48,520
You want money? I got money!

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